How to start a career in IT? 3 important steps

– Simple user interface

Users do not want to think about the purpose of buttons and links. From the point of view of convenience, it is enough for them that the navigation is simple and clear, with a logical menu and clear names. Conducted research, a formed portrait of users and knowledge of behavior patterns will help create such navigation.

– Convenience

The app should be user-friendly for all users. No one should waste time clicking a button multiple times trying to get to the right page. Therefore, links and buttons should be large enough that most people can click on any of them the first time. The universal button size is 10 mm. It is also important to consider the spacing between navigation elements. Users should have enough free space not to click on other buttons nearby

–The ability to retrace one step

While working with the application, users quite often need to go back a step. We recommend adding a feature so that no one has to constantly open the main page. The return function makes work more convenient and saves the user from unnecessary actions, which, in turn, has a positive effect on conversions

– Content that is understandable

A phone screen is much smaller than a computer screen, so readability issues can arise, as in many apps, even icons from the hamburger menu are accompanied by text. Don't make users lose their sight trying to read text on links and buttons. Size really matters in mobile navigation, so take the time to test and see how users interact with the app. Invest time and effort into prototyping to recreate realistic navigation and fix any bugs ahead of time

– Orderly and visual hierarchy

Smaller screens are much easier to clog, which is why mobile app design requires you to get rid of non-essential elements (or put them on the menu). In the case of mobile applications, designers choose a minimalistic design that does not clutter up the interface with unnecessary graphic elements.

The purpose of navigation is to help users achieve the purpose for which they use the application. Knowing their preferences and taking into account the limited screen space, you can create convenient navigation and a high-quality UX.

– Smooth transition between apps and websites

If you need to redirect users to the site, take care of the design uniformity, convenience, and speed of transition.

Never stop there. Take the initiative, and then luck will definitely be on your side, and career achievements will exceed all your expectations.

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How to start a career in IT? 3 important steps

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