Development of UX / UI - design of a mobile application. Key Features


Mobile app design is essentially creating a mobile version of a website with additional features. At the same time, the main task of developers is to create a convenient ecosystem with perfect UX. UX and UI design is the basis that is responsible for emotions during the use of the product. It depends on how convenient the service will be and how quickly a person can reach the target action: buying a product, booking an apartment, subscribing, and so on. By downloading the application, the user is as loyal as possible to the product and has already completed the target action. If he can solve his problems with the help of your service, then he will definitely use it on a regular basis.In the article we talk about the features and stages of creating a mobile application design.

Creating an application is not much different from developing websites for a computer screen, but smartphones have their own limitations and common:errors. So, the designer needs to know the specifics of iOS and Android mobile and platforms.

– Small display size

The phone screen contains a lot less elements, so navigation should be much easier, and the information should be as concise as possible, but informative. If on the desktop screen a person simultaneously sees the menu, filters, part of the personal account and advertising banners, then in the mobile version you will have to select only priority elements

- Touch screen

Gestures and taps control every movement, so clickable elements are made larger in mobile versions so that they are easy to hit and swipe

– Limited performance and traffic

Heavy files and media slow down the overall performance of the server and make the application slow. The app should send as few API calls as possible so as not to delay the user

– Places of interaction with the product

If a person sits at a computer in a limited number of places, then with a phone he can be anywhere and with different Internet speeds. Therefore, in the mobile interface, they add only basic information, additional features and provide a quick path to the main functions. For example, in the interface, you can often choose a “light” or “dark” theme for different times of the day or pre-load materials in case there is no Internet

– Color schemes and fonts

Colors should be diversified and natively tell the user which elements are clickable and which are not. Color is very convenient to distinguish between elements of different meanings, use this. Fonts should not be unreasonably small. For the entire application, it is desirable to use no more than 5-6 types of one font and 4-5 colors. This is enough to set the accents and create a neat interface.

– Moderation and minimalism

The logo should not be duplicated on all application screens. It is enough that your brand will be indicated on the service icon and on the loading screen. Do not overload the visual component

All the features of creating mobile interfaces are spelled out in the guidelines for mobile platforms - Human Interface Guidelines for iOS and Material Design for Android.

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Development of UX / UI - design of a mobile application. Key Features

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