System Administrator / DevOps


  • Support and setup of the existing fleet of computers based on Mac OS;
  • Creation and preparation of new computers for work on the basis of Mac OS;
  • Creation of Mac OS backups;
  • Setting up remote access to computers based on Mac OS;
  • Ensuring business continuity and performance monitoring of remote systems;
  • Ensuring security through access control, back-up copy and firewalls;


  • Excellent knowledge of operating systems of the Mac OS family at the administrator level 3+ years;
  • Experience in setting up a remote workplace on Mac OS;
  • Experience in configuring and administering Mac OS systems with the ability to setting up several levels of access, accounts and rights;
  • Experience in working and setting up software for developers;
  • Experience and configuration of RDP;
  • Experience with Mac OS backup and recovery systems;
  • Experience in setting up emulation of a physical connection to a remote machine;
  • Experience in data encryption within the Mac OS system;
  • Experience with MDM;

Will be plus

  • Good knowledge of GIT;
  • Good knowledge and experience with Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes;
  • Knowledge of scripting languages ​​- Python, Bash;
  • Experience and VPN settings;
  • Experience with cloud services (DigitalOcean, Hetzner, AWS);

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